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The graphics are below Gamecube quality, the music sucks (which can be remedied if you have an SD card, like you said) and the gameplay is atrocious. You have to be sitting right in front of your TV for it to work well. If you are sitting say, over to the right, your truck will constantly steer towards one direction. That's the problem I had. Forget playing it with friends. Using the WiiMote as a steering wheel is fine for an option, but it should be just that... an option, not required. I always forget how I am supposed to hold the controller, with the buttons towards the ceiling or the buttons towards me. I also forget how I am supposed to steer, a horizontal semi-circle or a vertical one. I often unknowingly switch between the two during gameplay since the controller isn't attached to anything to keep the steering radius and angle in place.

The Wii absolutely ruins this game. It would be much better being played with a REAL controller and not this crap. Any driving games that control using this method deserve to be anal raped and to die of AIDS.
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