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Fedex scam

My brother ordered some stuff last November from blizzard store, 200 dollars CDN worth of stuff.
Blizzard only sends by FedEx, stuff came to his door, custom fees were........ 109 dollars! Which is a total scam, my brother not knowing any better just paid them and he showed me it today and I was like holy shit I would have told them to send the package back.
But custom fees are normally just 13% taxes, which we normally pay and most shipping companies charge an extra 10 dollars cause they are "paying" them for you.... lol what a joke.

But last week, he got some very threatening letters and phone calls from fedex saying he didn't pay his duty fees........... of another 79 dollars! And they are claiming he had tons of packages sent from blizzard and he signed for them, which is BS.

I told him to get all the information from his blizzard order and take it to the border customs building, which is about 1 hour away, but he won't do it cause he doesn't want to waste the gas money.... lol But it's ok for them to scam him out of almost 7 times more than he should have.

But, in the letter, it looks like someone forge his signature cause they didn't even spell our last name right, cause I'm thinking the delivery man is the culprit in all of this, I think he made him sign a fake package slip and got him to give him the money and then he just made it seem like my brother just didn't pay it.
But which is stupid, cause they won't give you the package if you don't pay the fees.

For perspective, I got the Zelda Medicom figure from Japan last week, it was 350 dollars CDN and 50 dollars for DHL shipping, 50 dollars was my fees for that. Which is normal.

blah, this type of shit pisses me off cause they hold your package hostage till you pay them, I think the government should put a stop to these companies making us pay the duty fees and they pay them, I think it should be our responsibility to do it, not theirs.
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