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Originally Posted by Alucard
To be fair even the console version from the original devs was not dumbed down. Altered slightly but I think thats because they were trying something new for a side series spinoff. I'm not Bethesda's biggest fan anymore, but I think they can do a good job of it and I'm willing to wait and give them the chance to show this. Also anyone who doesnt know what Fallout is, go bloody well download Fallout 2 off the net or buy it or something. Best post apocalyptic turn based rpg ever.
Castrate yourselve with a rusty spoon! Then you should download it/buy it and play it again. Thus you earn your sentense!

The console *action* game was nothing like the RPGs and wasn't made by the original devs.

I'm only willing to see Bethesda die *now*. And you too for saying what you have. Infidel. Heretic. Console gamer.
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