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Hideo Baba leaves Studio Istolia and Square Enix

Two possible cases, one is that Square Enix doesn't like the quality of his work and axed the position (see the quality of the Tales games after he took over); two is that Square Enix's internal management is so corrupted that he wanted to jump ship.

Hideo Baba leaves Studio Istolia and Square Enix

Baba's plans for the future unknown.

Hideo Baba, the president of Square Enix subsidiary Studio Istolia, left Studio Istolia at the end of December 2018 and left Square Enix at the end of March 2019, Square Enix announced.

Baba, who is known for his past work on the Tales of series at Bandai Namco, joined Square Enix in October 2016 and become president of the February 2017-established Studio Istolia to work on a new RPG project code-named “Project Prelude Rune,” which was confirmed in September 2018 to be a PlayStation 4 title.

“Accompanying the change in Studio Istolia’s management policies, I have resigned as the company’s president as of the end of December 2018, and resigned from Square Enix as of the end of March 2019,” Baba said in a press release. “Thank you again to Square Enix Group for giving me a variety of experience. I will continue to support everyone from behind the scenes, and I sincerly hope for the further growth of Square Enix Group.”

Baba did not share any information about his plans for the future.
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