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Originally Posted by Hagane View Post
This is what people gets for still placing their trust in EA.

A rushed game that they just wanted to put in the market asap even jumping over technical issues that didn't even cover with day 1 patch.

It's laughable that there's people defending this and with the mentality that if it didn't happened to me then the problem doesn't exists.
You know... the problem is that it's popular to hate on everything these days. Especially cause of youtube.
At some point people just tune out or have to tune out so they can enjoy anything at all and the real dozzies like this don't get the atention they deserve.

Honestly, the internet is both a blessing and a curse.

I knew this game was gonna be a disaster like many others. But, it's EA's fault. The greed, the thought that everything has to be a live service to make the big bucks. But, not only is that kind of game not what Bioware and it's fans want as there is a fecking limit to the time people have to play games.

I don't mean any offense to any of you from there, but the american corporate mentality is disgusting and i'm really sick of it. The 360 and the games market becoming centered in the west was the worst thing that ever happened to it. When Japan was leading these shannenigans weren't a thing. Now, even some of the japanese companies jump on the greed roll.
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