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Originally Posted by seraph830
To make sure i dont sound like a total retard...
I just dont understand the rest of the western world i guess. People hail the stories of Doom, Halflife, Halo as being the greatest epic tales ever told. But the FPS is a crappy way to tell a story through if you ask me. Even my old favorite game Shogo told an anime like story, but i never got into it. I just couldnt relate to a FPS.
FPS aint really about the story. Half-Life 1 and 2 can be told in 2 sentences, and the same goes for the likes of FEAR, any Quake game, or any Doom game.

What FPS games are about though, is atmosphere. That is the thing that set the standard with games like Quake 2 and Half-Life 2, which set you in a massive sprawling world where something isnt quite right. Games like Doom 3 and Fear have no story, but fill you with sension and a sense of unease. All the pointless voicemails and logs add to that.

There are a few FPS with great stories to tell, sadly they are far and very few between. I urge you to check out Thief 2 and Thief 3, and System Shock 2. Hell even Deus Ex 1.

However, they might not be quite for you, as progression through these games is pretty open-ended. To me, however, that is half the fun. Theres nothing quite like looking at a fortified mansion in Thief, checking the patrol paths, tossing a grappling hook onto a balcony of your choice and hoisting yourself up into the Den of the Lion to pilfer some valuables while trying not to get caught.
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