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Originally Posted by Alucard
Its a bit hard to get lost in a linear game though..
To make sure i dont sound like a total retard...

its not like i get "lost" per say. Its more or less I just dont know where to go next. Like there was a tiny pipe somewhere that i didnt know I could climb up, so i spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get to the next ledge, then think that im not supposed to get up there in the first place and start backtracking to where i "should" be going.

I just dont understand the rest of the western world i guess. People hail the stories of Doom, Halflife, Halo as being the greatest epic tales ever told. But the FPS is a crappy way to tell a story through if you ask me. Even my old favorite game Shogo told an anime like story, but i never got into it. I just couldnt relate to a FPS.

I aquired Doom3 a bit ago. I loved doom 1 and 2 back in the day. The extent of the story was "your on mars/hell, heres your gun, fight your way out". But When i start a new game in Doom3, it at least 10 minutes before i see any kind of action at all. Then im constantly being interupted by cutscenes and having to listen to ghey voice logs.

If i wanted to watch a doom movie, I would go see it in theatres, why does every big name game have to be a hollywood production now.
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