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The best spyware and adware searcher and destroyer is Spybot: Search and Destroy . It is the best, and it's free.

As for the Homepage related problem. This is typically do to something you installed on your computer. Don't breeze threw installations. Most of the time, after a couple of "Next" clicks, there will be a page telling you "do you want to set your Homepage to ""? This is already checked for you, you have to uncheck it. But since you breezed threw the installation wizard, you didn't. Theres also a very widespread and gay program out there called "Gator". It is an adware program, but does the job as a spyware. This comes along with a lot of "Freeware" and "Shareware". And in the installation of the program you downloaded it asks you "Do you accept these terms and agreements?? But you didn't look so you?re fucked. "Gator" is one of the most stubborn programs to get rid of. Improbable for you to get it out 100% of your system, without reformatting.

Now, downloading programs isn't the only way people can mess around with your Favorites and Homepage. If you roam around the internet, especially porn, hack, patch, and/or keygen related websites, you will find tons of "Security Warnings". Never "say" yes to these, unless it something you know needs to be installed, such as "QuickTime", "Macromedia", or "Microsoft". After you "say" yes they can practically do whatever they wish.

To fix the Homepage related problem is very easy.

1. In IE go to the "Tools" menu on the top.

2. From the menu choose ?Internet Options..."

3. In the "General" tab change your homepage link to something you would like. (Such as this forum if you live here, Google, or your e-mail account homepage.)

You can also "Use Blank" if you have dial-up. This will save you the time of waiting for the first page you load up so then you can type an address. Very simple. Everyone should know this but for those who don't... You?re Welcome?

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