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I got a 128gb sd card for the switch for 40 dollars. Lexar one. Hopefully not a shit one that will break. I think too that you can hotswap the SD cards on the switch. I will google it to find out!

But, blah, just get the physical releases, the carts are so small, you can get a case that holds 12 of them and it easily fits in your pocket. Only real annoying thing is switching out the games.

Its not like the games cost more than buying them digitally.

edit, to change SD cards at any time with different games loaded on it, just have to power off the system, the system will find the games that are on the other one and show a icon to say that some games aren't there, but are perfectly fine doing it, and you can just change them again when you want to play a certain game.
Other option is... to uninstall and download other games you want, UNLESS you want all your games ready at any moment you want to play them.

so yah, just have to make sure the system is off when switching with another sd card and it's all good.
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