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Deal with it.
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Nin-In-Eilph, are you being sarcastic just because you're still bitter about my reviews (my opinions) of Mario 64 and Mario Golf?

Joe Redifier, trust me that I'll play the life out of it before I review it. I'm also gonna do Tiger Woods PGA Tour for X-Box because everybody said it's so great (and because I want to cover the X-Box more).

Kojiro Hyuga, I did refer to Metroid Prime when I compared Super Metroid to no less than every other Metroid game and said SM is the best in the series. MP offered me one of the best 3D worlds I've ever played in a video game, and was perhaps the most realized sequel of a Nintendo series to date on GC; a great Metroid game that I want to play through again. SM is still far and away the better of the two in my opinion. It's just flawless. That experience was one of the best I've ever had in gaming, as I said in the review.
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