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This is what happens when graphics dissolve gameplay....

Silpheed - Sega CD - Rating 3
I must say, at the time of Silpheed's release back in 1993 game publications generally had forsaken their true senses for the FMV graphical 'prowess' of this lacking GameArts space shooter. EGM was one of the only magazines that didn't become a graphic slave. GameFan did but that's probably because Dave Halverson and Co. were huge Sega fanatics, so their bias was expected.
Don't pay any attention to Silpheed's graphics and you're left with one sorry shooter. The background polygons are all FMV, as I said, except for on your SA-77 Silpheed Tactical Fighter Spaceship and the enemies, which are all plain polygons ...and none too impressive at that. The game offers 12 stages of space blasting action. The FMV stages are actually rather well done, with your Silpheed zipping and twirling through huge spacecrafts and even space wars between two warring fractions with lasers and explosions everywhere. It certainly is designed like a roller coaster ride in outer space (albeit a very grey and white roller coaster ride). The problem is the actual game itself offers very little variety in what you can do, let alone shoot at. For something this overhyped, it never came near the standard it attempted to set. However, for Sega CD owners, it was all they needed to taunt proud SNES Starfox owners. "Ha! Look at how tame StarFox is in comparison to the mighty Sega CD!" Whatever. The differences between StarFox and Silpheed are like night and day--quality and originality vs blandness and lack of depth, respectably. StarFox offers a much better experience overall, and it's a darn shame that many game magazines gave Silpheed the nod over StarFox, which is clearly superior.
What Silpheed has over StarFox is challenge. Silpheed is much harder to complete than StarFox. You'll be dying away, and to make matters even worse you are severely limited in continues (unless you use the unlimited continues trick, which I give you at the end of this... review. -more like slam-). The game requires that you master every stage to their fullest. This aspect I actually enjoyed; I love a good challenge. However, it never hits the Gaiares 'kiss your ass goodbye' difficulty. ;)
The music is uninspired and doesn't sound good even though this game is on a CD. Even the original Gradius on NES has a better soundtrack than this. The sound effects are a bit weak also, but some of the explosions and laser sounds sound like, well, explosions and lasers.
You can find this game relatively cheap these days. Perhaps it makes a good addition to your Sega CD collection. But as far as shooters go, it offers nothing exceptional. Instead, you may want to locate Lords of Thunder on Sega CD/TurboDuo (CD). Or better yet, get ahold of either the TurboDuo or PC Engine CD import system. NEC's system was infamous for its massive shooter library (and a lot of other great titles). Sorry, Silpheed is probably the most overhyped shooting game ever made, and among the worst as well.
Silpheed was originally released on the NEC PC88 and later brought to the Sega CD.

Here are codes ~
...and more codes ~
...AND screenshots (with another review; this one's positive) ~


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