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Street Fighter II - Arcade - Rating 7
The year - 1991. The place - any choice arcade. A revolution was born. Capcom exploded on the scene and became king of the arcades with just one release - Street Fighter II. For gamers, this was a revelation which had dominated our deepest thoughts, for we were gamers but first and foremost - dreamers. We sought at the very comfort of our homes a taste of that omnipotence, that singular spark that ignited the torch which Capcom kept running with. The crowds of other arcade-making dwellers recoiled in horror of this obstruction that populated arcades with muted simplicity. To all those that layed their hands upon the Street Fighter II cabinet, it had indistinctly become the emulation of their dreams.
Street Fighter II was a sensation for a generation of very fortunate arcade-goers. Players would subject themselves to being confined in a dissolute entrancement for hours and hours. It had everything - it was a complete and total fighting engine. You have three seperate punch buttons and likewise three kicks, ranging from weak to strong. And of course a control stick. It's what happened as a result of certain coordinated stick/button commands that made it work unlike anything else. And it was (undisputably) the astoundingly unique cast of characters and backgrounds which were the foundation of SFII's distinctness of atmosphere. The graphics and animation were unprecedented - they were the best. Who would argue? (who would complain?) It wasn't easy for everybody to hear the memorable compositions emmited from SFII but it was undeniably no less personal in character than the characters themselves. The sound effects were all done with a similar resolve of attained perfection. What was there that SFII did that was wrong? Every game publication found solace in this game - put SFII on the cover, sit back and watch the issue sell millions. The financial success of the arcade in and of itself cannot be comprehended. It was Capcom performing magic and nothing less.
To this day, I remember well the moment I first walked into the local arcade and walked by a new arcade machine titled Street Fighter II...
It has retained its quality and singular presence respectably well. Although it has since been bettered by many other now-classic titles, Street Fighter II will always be the father of fighting games. This, nobody can ever take away.

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