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Two great pinball titles

Alien Crush - TurboGrafx 16 - Rating 7
Devil's Crush - TurboGrafx 16 - Rating 7
It's weird to have to review pinball video games. I mean nothing beats the real pinball machines and so the game designers either try and mimic those machines perfectly (which is impossible to do) or take it like a video game and do things not possible on real pinball machines such as add rooms, enemies, special effects, etc. And I don't know anybody who doesn't enjoy playing pinball.
I'll begin with Alien Crush. First of all, the graphics are very good and clean, and there's quite a few things you can do to gather up your score. One of those things is to complete any of the hidden rooms where you can try and destroy weird, floating green creatures, a room with centipedes, one with skulls and such hovering about and you have to hit them to 'send them' into holes, etc. And I love the song that plays during these rooms (very strange). The main area is two screens tall and is filled with more than enough things to hit: brains, alien heads, and crawling aliens that hatch from their nests (designed quite similar to Alien the movie). I recommend it, especially if you own a TurboExpress. That way, you've got great pinball on the go, whenever you want (though the batteries last a full 2 hours; buy a plug).
Devil's Crush is another great pinball title. It is 3 screens tall instead of 2 like in Alien Crush and there's a bit more to shoot at. Not only that, there are more bonus areas to encounter. FYI, they released this on Sega Genesis under the title "Devil's Crash", but it's not easy to come by. There's even a password system in it, and if you type "AS*HOL*FUK" (i'll let you fill in the two missing letters) you get around 70 extra balls and a ton of points. (and no, I'm not making it up about the password). I have to agree with the guy who reviews Devil's Crush in the below link ~ TG16 is a dark system (games like this, Dungeon Explorer 1 and 2, Ys Book 1 and 2, Legendary Axe, Lords of Thunder and I mean what in the hell?!). At any rate, if you only want to go with one, go with Alien Crush for the 'easier' pinball game and go with Devil's Crush for more complexity and challenge.

Here are two sites where you can check both games out for yourself--
For Alien Crush ~
For Devil's Crush ~
For nostalgia (if you want to check out a site with alot of pinball games and photos) ~

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