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Originally posted by Icarus4578
Bottom line, Lunar and Lunar 2 are both fair (aside from pay to save in the Sega CD version of Lunar 2), fun, unique, interesting and does what it's supposed to be done in an RPG the right way. Halo is doing what virtually every other FPS has done which means if I own something else like Doom 3 or whatever i'm gonna get the same product with a different setting....
In your statement regarding Halo, one could easily replace "Halo" with "Lunar" and "Doom 3" with any random tradional RPG. In fact, many would argue that Halo is very well made, and "does what it's supposed to be done in an FPS the right way."

So basically, Lunar is like any other RPG, but in a different setting, and fun, while Halo is like any other FPS, but in a different setting, and crappy because all you do is shoot enemies. It sounds like you just dont like FPS games, and you should just say that rather than make Halo out to be a terrible game.
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