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Deal with it.
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Naturally. Like I could possibly be contained! I'm too cool to let that happen.

I even add on to past reviews sometimes with facts and tips. I don't use a percentage system %. I just don't get why anybody would use it. I mean, what do I say when someone asks me 'why a 76% and not a 77% or 75%'? I use a score of 0-10. Easy to keep track of.

Rock on.

P.S. To Gearhound, I don't believe people are going to all come here for their latest game coverage to decide what they want to buy. A 7 rating is a very good game that everybody should at least try, in my opinion. And hey, at least in my reviews, I won't change a rating 5 years later just because a game's graphics have dated (unless a sequel or something similar has taken it much further), unlike other game reviewers.

P.P.S. To Gabriel, in an RPG like Lunar 2 it does so many things the right way that it's absurd. I don't rate games based on 'innovation' as you may seem to think I do (although if something is innovative, that's not a bad thing). In Lunar 2 the programmers and designers worked hard to make a fine RPG product filled to the rims with excellent storytelling, characters, music, battle system and fun factor. It keeps you interested. In Halo, it's shoot the same enemies a million times, and in PDO the controls are a downgrade from past installments, not to mention that on Hard it becomes a game of memorizing where every little enemy and shot is coming from and instead of having to avoid most of the shots I have to shoot them all down when I'd much rather be shooting down enemies like I'm supposed to be doing in a shooting game.

Bottom line, Lunar and Lunar 2 are both fair (aside from pay to save in the Sega CD version of Lunar 2), fun, unique, interesting and does what's supposed to be done in an RPG the right way. Halo is doing what virtually every other FPS has done which means if I own something else like Doom 3 or whatever I'm gonna get the same product with a different setting (and probably a few more enemies and locales). Lunar and Lunar 2 offer something different and fun every time. That's the way I feel.

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