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Strider - Sega Genesis - Rating 9
Strider was one of the most anticipated games of all time. It was the first 16-bit game to have such a massive amount of MEGS (just 8, but that was quite a number back then), and it was almost exactly like its arcade counterpart. All the game publications were giving Strider big coverage, and there's a good reason for that - Strider is a great game. After all, before that point, there just wasn't any competition against this game's massive sprites, huge bosses, and unorthodox game design.
There was a version on NES previous to this, but that wasn't based on the arcade (although it shared many similar characteristics). Watching Strider on Genesis in motion for the first time was like a dream come true. It literally felt like having an arcade at home. In fact, I remember in a magazine someone saying something like "you'll feel like inserting tokens into your Genesis" and "no tokens necessary." That was beyond the norm. Even when they released the TMNT arcade game by Konami on NES for the first time it just wasn't the same excitement.
Anyway, Strider has stood the test of time. It remains an extremely fun and exciting game. You are Hiryu, a Strider (a specially trained soldier) that must protect the Earth from a villian known as Meio ~ the emperor of the Third Moon, who wants to rule to world. Meio's arsenal consists of a flying battleship, mechanical dinosaurs, a room of politicians who jump into the air forming a massive metallic centipede with an upper torso which resembles a praying mantis, armed soldiers, Chinese kung-fu girls and even amazon women wielding huge boomerangs and axes. Hiryu can run, jump, slide, hang, move along ledges and climb walls, and of course there's his plasma sword which attacks at lightning speeds and is always accompanied by a "SHING!" sound. Hiryu even gets different 'helpers' along the way: little android robots that shoot at enemies, an awesome metallic puma-like cat, and a robotic hawk. There's a good variety of enemies in the game, especially since it's relatively short (I can finish it off in a good 20 minutes or less). There are 5 stages and each one is filled to the rims with a variety of enemies and seperate bosses (sorta similar to Treasure, although Capcom made this game well before they did anything of the sort). Sega made this port from the arcade just so you know, the same way they did the Ghouls 'N Ghosts port. Every stage has multiple songs that cue up as you enter upon different sections. Again, this was well before anybody like Nintendo ever used the idea with Mario 64. So Strider is quite an accomplishment, to say the least. There are even cinemas between the stages to progress the story, although they sorta fly by a little too quickly to get too involved in any real big plot, but honestly, WHO CARES? You're playing Strider for the action, not the plot. The music is very nice stuff, although some tracks only have about 20 seconds until they repeat. Nothing to get worked up about, but it fits the game well. The game does have one flaw -- slowdown! When you are fighting certain things the screen can really come down to a crawl at times, but I learned to get over it.
Strider is a great action game to own with lots of replay value. You can even get Strider 2 on PlayStation and it comes with a perfect port of the arcade with an optional redone version of the original soundtrack (but with loading between stages). And they released Strider on PC Engine CD/TurboDuo, but oddly enough there's no parallax scrolling. Uuuuuh.... And oh yeah - stay far, FAR away from that sequel to Strider that was released on Genesis by U.S. Gold. It absolutely sucks. Stick with the original and Strider 2.

Check out the greatness that is Strider--
--in the arcades ~
--and at home on Genesis ~

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