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Kid Icarus (Palutena no Kagame) - NES - Rating 7 (stand-alone as a game it gets a 7, but for nostalgia I give it an 8 personally)
This game, when first released back in 1986, was one of the most popular Nintendo games made. It spawned only one sequel on GameBoy and this is utterly disappointing, especially from sequel-happy Nintendo. If there's one thing Nintendo should have besides their famous platformer Mario and adventurers Link and Samus Aran it's a great action mascot, and Pit fits the bill nicely. Look at Metroid on SNES and tell me you wouldn't have killed for a Kid Icarus done just as nicely. Did we ever get that? Nope. And Miyamoto (who I might add didn't make Kid Icarus for NES) said that they (Nintendo) weren't working on one because there wasn't enough fan support. Um, excuse me, but I can't think of any other old title people want a sequel for more than Kid Icarus.
If you grew up with an NES in your hosehold, chances are, you're familiar with Kid Icarus. It starred a young angel-boy named Pit who had to make his way up the screen by killing enemies with his bow and arrow and making some pretty devastatingly difficult jumps (though it's nothing to a veteran like myself). Pit's mission is to save Palutena and restore order to Angel Land by defeating his nemesis, Medusa. There are 4 stages in the game. The first three consist of 3 areas and then a dungeon/maze with a boss and the 4th stage plays like a shooting game (sort of) with Pit doning the wings of Pegasus, a mirror shield and light arrows. That's the basic game. But there's other things to do as well. There are many doors all over each stage and they lead to rooms where you can get power-ups for your arrow's attack power, buy items, fight enemies and even play a pot game where you shoot 8 pots in a room in whatever order you choose to try and get special items. Problem is, the god of poverty is always lurking in one of them, and if you hit the wrong pot he'll come out and take the items away (while a weird little melody plays). There's a room where Zeus tests your strength by throwing mirrors out after you everywhere (which you can shoot down) and if you stay in the room and survive it, you'll be given a choice of 3 special power-ups. Here's a tip ~ kill some and let the hearts they leave behind stay as long as possible because this reduces the amount of mirrors on-screen. Speaking of hearts, the hearts in Kid Icarus are the money in the game which you get by killing enemies or finding them in the pots in that room I talked about. Pit's energy bar increases by gaining a certain sum of points and finishing a stage, and Pit can also carry items as well. The enemies in this game are interesting for an action game in that most of them aren't simply running up to you and attacking. Some hover ominously around the screen waiting for a chance to strike, while others are activated so to speak when you let the Grim Reapers see you which makes them panic (and that god of poverty song starts playing) and 4 little floating reapers come out after you. Other enemies fall out of the sky and some can pop up from the ground and shoot at you, etc. so there's a nice variety of baddies to deal with (though some are the same enemies with a different look/stronger, sorta like what an RPG might do by color-swapping or what have you). Make no mistake about it ~ the worst enemies to deal with are the Eggplant Wizards. They exist in all 3 dungeons and are found in groups of two, throwing eggplants at you. If you get hit by their eggplants your upper-torso becomes an egglant and you cannot do anything other than run, duck and jump. You have to search for a hospital in the dungeon which can cure it for free. Sound weird? It is, but it's definitely unique and also very annoying when it happens. I almost broke my NES a while back because I got hit three times by the same stupid Eggplant Wizard. Here's how to avoid it ~ when you enter a room, try and get within a few feet of the closest wizard and fire away (because the eggplants they throw aren't going straight at you; they're thrown overhead to try and land on you, unless you're already on the top of the screen).
The graphics, while obviously dated, are the same quality as Metroid on NES, meaning that it looks decent but dated. The music is actually well-composed and though there's not a whole lot of songs, what's there works well.
So if you are looking for some good old nostalgia give Kid Icarus a go. While you're at it, ask Nintendo to make a sequel like we all know they should've by now. Hey, they have the nerve to show Pit's face in Super Smash Brothers Melee or whatever and they don't even bother to utilize him the right way. Instead, Kid Icarus has simply become a relic sitting on a shelf somewhere in Nintendo's offices in Japan.

And here, for your pleasure (since I love you all too much) is a page built just for the man himself, Kid Icarus ~ Much thanks to whomever this hardcore gamer is that rocks hard enough he or she decided to share pics, maps, tricks,
tips, codes, enemy and character lists, music files, little-known facts, etc. with everybody. Great site! Show some love and check it out.

Of course, I'll be back for more review-goodness, as usual.

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