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Super Mario World 2 ~ Yoshi's Island - SNES - Rating 10
There's what more games these days need -- 'imagination'.
I've never seen (nor played) a game like Yoshi's Island. It's so fun, challenging and engrossing that it's utterly insane. This game pushes the SNES in such a way that even if you put the game in today it still looks awesome, and no 3D action/platform game has touched its sheer majesty, including Mario 64.
You have to control Yoshi who's carrying baby Mario on his back, and there's just a plethora of things Yoshi can do like transform into things such as trains, moles and helicopters, eat enemies and poop out eggs which he can use to target anything he wants, collect items, hover, etc. The game's genius lies in its flawless level designs which present unique and often challenging objectives for Yoshi to overcome. You also get graded after every stage depending on how well you've collected everything. If you have collect all 20 red coins, have 30 stars, and 5 flowers by the end of the stage you get a perfect 100%. In each world there's a hidden stage you open up if you get all 100% on every stage. If you get 100% on every level in the game (including hidden) you don't get anything except personal satisfaction, and that's fine. But I wish Nintendo added something for all that effort I put into it. At least I had fun doing it
The bosses are some of the most unique I've ever seen and take full advantage of the SNES special effects. Speaking of graphics, this game has some of the most unique visuals ever seen in gaming. It's like taking one of those storybooks that children look at and making a game with those visuals. It's colorful, clean and highly polished -- stages look like a child colored over them (like a coloring book) with pastel colors and a tremedous amount of parallax. Yoshi and everything else animate flawlessly. It's simply a marvel to look at it, and this came out back in 1995. While game publications and game players were being wooed by Rare's cheap tricks, ugly game visuals, and BORING gameplay and level-design, I personally knew Yoshi's Island exceeded it on every level: graphics, music and sound, level design, challenge, control, fun factor, and replay.... this game makes every other Rare product look/play boring in comparison.
The music is very nice and adds personality to the game. As usual, Koji Kondo does a stellar job aurally. Certainly far better than Mario Sunshine.
This game is released on GameBoy Advance virtually pixel-perfect, and now publications and the like are giving it perfect (or almost perfect) ratings. Sure would've been better if they all promoted it back in 1995 when it originally came out rather than giving stupid games like DKC2 coverage and overshadowing this incredible game just because of the then-newer 32-bit systems. At least GameFan Magazine had the courtesy of doing it justice.
Though it's a 2D game (and you might be suckered into thinking 3D makes games superior as if by default) it is yet again just another overlooked game that was more well-done than any 3D action/platform game I've played up to this day. It's a crowning achievement in gaming that was overlooked TWICE ~ once on SNES, and now on GBA.

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