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A fun game... for a limited amount of time

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball - X-Box - Rating 4
Let me get this out right away: this game's core essence is to show off how well the X-Box can render ladies dressed in bikinis, nightgowns, and the like. That's not to say that it's not fun to play. I certainly think it's a fun game, but for a limited amount of time.
This game is supposed to be mainly about playing volleyball and that is the game's core essence. At least a good half of it is anyways. While the volleyball playing is fun for awhile, it gets a little tedious. It's apparent this game is meant to show off the X-Box's ability to render women, and it does so very well. The most fun thing to do is buy all the clothes and accessories, though even that can get tedious after awhile because a lot of the items are just junk. In other words it can get very repetitious, so you have to give it breaks. When you finish the game once with any girl (it just takes 14 days to pass) the file is still there where you saved, with the timer in the lower-right of your file. And you just select your file again and when you start a new game and pick a girl you used before all her stuff and money is still there. So if you like a few swimsuits or accessories and want to put them on your girl, that's fine. If you switch to a different girl she won't have all the stuff the other girl you used previously had but don't worry -- all the money and stuff each girl has gotten is still with them no matter what. So if you want Kasumi, for example, to get some stuff that only another girl can buy you have to either tag team with her and get gifts from her, or, you can be the other girl and give Kasumi the items you want her to wear. Watch it though because some girls need to be really, really happy to accept some of the bathing suits that they wouldn't normally like. Sometimes just getting a girl to tag with you is a pain. Kasumi has a hard time tagging with Ayane, for example, but it's possible (you have to figure it out ).
The casino is kinda dull, to tell the truth (I don't even bother going there) because what's the point in gambling when you can make money faster by playing volleyball, considering you're as good as I am? It probably was put there as a relief for anyone who wanted a break from the repetitiousness of the day to day activities, but if Tecmo were smart they'd have put something like, oh, the original Ninja Gaiden arcade game or some of their other titles (NG, Tecmo Super Bowl and NBA Basketball, Rygar, Solomon's Key, etc.). But I can't downgrade the game just because Tecmo didn't read my mind and do what I personally would've wanted them to do. Ah well.
There are a few other things to the game. You have to perform well in volleyball and give your partner gifts to keep her happy. Otherwise it's splitsville for you and you'll have to try and make another girl team with you (or the same girl) which isn't always easy to do. It almost feels like a dating simulator, only with girls only and no actual dating involved. You can utilize the camera in whatever way you want in certain parts of the game (replays, walks on the shoreline, relaxing at the poll, etc.) to get a better, closer look at the girls in whatever you want them to wear, though this isn't as well done as it should've been because the camera is hard to control and the girls are limited to only a select few animation routines (each of course). You can go to the pool, not select any of the options which means they'll fade away shortly just showing the girl, and just sit there forever messing with the camera angles, zooming, turning and moving the camera. Let's face it, this game is meant to show off graphics (girls) which actually just look pretty much the same as DoA3, though the girls' skin, hair, animations and clothing are a little more well-done, but then again, the X-Box doesn't have to handle complex 3D background geometry in this. Though that's not to say there aren't a few nice locales.
Oh, and let me say this: MAKE YOUR OWN SOUNDTRACK!!! This soundtrack is filled to the brim with licensed crap music from mostly American 'artists' (yeah... I'm sure that's what they are) and a few reggae tracks. You have to put the music you want to listen to into the X-Box first and then, while you're in the game itself, go to the Radio Station and turn off the music you don't want to have being played during the game (by unchecking the boxes next to the songs) and then check in the songs you put in the system and adjust their volume. You have to go to the Radio Station and do this twice during the game - once during Morning/afternoon and once during the evening (nighttime counts as part of evening though it forces you to your hotel at that point so get it done in the evening). Or, you can just shut all the music off.
DoAXBV is actually a suprisingly fun, addictive game and has lots of longevity to it. Though it's apparent just who Tecmo had in mind when they made this game, that doesn't make the game any less fun. But after you've exhausted all its potential (there are virtually no secrets and the game gets very repetitious), you may get bored of it and not want to play it again. This is a game that is going to be returned by a lot of people, without any question.

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