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Devil May Cry - PS2 - Rating 8
If you own a PS2 then it is essential that you purchase the Capcom goodness that is Devil May Cry. It is, without question, the closest a 3D action game has ever come to having gameplay as good as any great 2D classic. Right from the opening you can tell this game is killer.
Dante is the coolest new character I've seen yet on any new system. He just rocks hardcore and if you disagree, tough. He plays similar to how you'd probably have wanted a Belmont to in a 3D Castlevania, except Dante uses (mainly) swords and guns. And, a little later in the game, nice BIG guns. The controls are superb with lightning fast (and high) jumps, double-jumps and wall-jumps, attacks, and TONS of combos (you can 'uppercut' an enemy with a sword, blast away with whatever firearm, then catch 'em coming down with more sword-attacks, for example). You can buy more moves and powers between stages, and later on you'll even be able to transform into a devil which can use magic. Awesome. There's tons of puzzles to solve and items to acquire and, in fact, many are utilized in a similar manner to Resident Evil which works well. As a matter of fact, I think Shinji Mikami (creator of the Resident Evil series as well as this) originally had RE in mind when he made this game engine and somewhere along the line changed it into this, effectively creating a new, refreshing series. I'm all for it.
The graphics are, in a word, spectacular. Even if you put something beside DMC like Panzer Dragoon Orta, I'd still think DMC has a better 'look' to it, because it's more interesting to look at aged victorian, elegant and sometimes gothic sceneries than Panzer's cold, grey and brown 'lifeless' organic sceneries which fluctuates between fitting the game's unique representation of foreign sceneries and BORING, seemingly devoid of personality environments. Everything in DMC is rendered exceptionally well, too. This is similar to how I'd want Castlevania to look in 3D (though Konami better always keep it alive in 2D as well). The enemies are superb and often challenging, although, like Rygar on PS2, the total enemy count is in the lower digits. The bosses demand attention. These are among the greatest bosses ever conceived for a 3D game (or 2D for that matter). They're more like 'villians' in their own way, and they even converse with Dante before rampaging around the area, often causing absolute MAYHEM trying to turn you into a pile of blood. Plus they're often difficult, with a great deal of activities (patterns) that you must watch and build an effective strategy around to avoid getting hurt. This game reminds me of Konami's 16-bit days in a way, and that's definitely a good thing. Wait until you see the final boss...
The music is often the Resident Evil-style thing, along with the high-octane rock/metal stuff typical of many games nowadays. Nothing in particular makes me want to run out and buy the soundtrack, though it really, REALLY fits this game well. The sound effects are flawless and the voice acting is actually pretty well-done (certainly better than Castlevania - SOTN's horrendous excuse for 'acting') especially Dante, who rocks hardcore, like I already said. He makes the game as 'cool' as it is.
Capcom must really love us gamers. They make some of the greatest games on the face of the planet (Street Fighter, Mega Man, Strider, Ghouls N' Ghosts, etc.) and now they go and make the best 3D action game thus far along with Ninja Gaiden (X-Box). If you own a PS2 and you DON'T own DMC, go out to the nearest retailer who sells it and say to them "I'd like to behold the might that is DMC", take it home, and enjoy. If not, you should punish yourself by watching Kangaroo Jack followed by back-to-back reruns of Rhinestone starring Sylvester Stallone. That should serve you right.

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