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Gaiares - Sega Genesis - Rating 7
Wanna know whether or not somebody is any good at shooting games? Ask them to beat Gaiares. I did.
This 8-MEGA-powered killer shooter will put the K in KILL for you.
One of the toughest shooters ever (and that's just on the normal setting) Gaiares was one of the most extraordinary shooting experiences. Or massacre, depending on your skill level. And you'd better have skill of extraordinary proportions. That's because Gaiares is such a kill-fest, you'll have to keep retrying, a lot, because there's NO WAY you're going through this your first, second, or probably even third sitting because you're gonna get wasted. Many times.
The graphics are pretty nice for a Genesis, although kinda plain in comparison to something like Thunder Force IV. Then again, this game really isn't about looks; it's about challenge. However, the bosses are usually well done, and a couple of stages look nice. The enemies are the generic stuff you'd expect in a shooter, with a few big ones here and there.
What makes this shooter unique is its weapons system. You have a special enemy analyzer satellite-type thing that's always hovering nearby your ship (the TOZ system). Instead of shooting enemies to reveal weapon power-ups and such, you shoot your satellite into an enemy and it latches on for a second, and it returns to the ship and you get different weapons with different enemies. Not only that, but you can keep locking onto enemies to keep making the weapon stronger (as long as it's an enemy with the same weapon for its power-up) until it's maxed out. You can change the speed of your ship's mobility at will and this may become a factor later on. There is a total of 8 stages and they get progressively harder the further in you get.
The music isn't all that impressive, though I enjoyed the song at the very end of Stage 2 (where the water fills up the screen and you fight a boss). The sound effects are fine for a shooter on Genesis.
Wanna go to the options screen? At the title screen just hold A, B, and C on the controller and press start. You can select difficulty (but you can only select between normal and something like 'super difficult'. So now, I have the option to die even more than I already do? Where do I sign up??) and there's a sound test for all those people who wanna get their groove on to Gaiares' music. Errr. I'll just pray there's no such thing. But hey! the song I liked is there, at least.
So if you want to test your shooting skills to the breaking point, get Gaiares by Telenet-Renovation. It's surely the epitimy of hard shooters on Genesis. There aren't many as difficult as this; few come to mind... Pulstar or Viewpoint particularly (both on Neo Geo). And Thunder Force IV is a better game overall. But if you have the opportunity, give Gaiares a chance. It deserves it.

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