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Double Dragon II - Sega Genesis - Rating 3
The first time playing Double Dragon was a religious experience; I hadn't actually played a side scrolling beat 'em up beforehand. For the first time I was walking around being badass, beating the crap out of street thugs, girls with 80's hair-dos wielding whips and huge, bulky guys that bust out of stone walls, with heads as big as their bodies. What an experience that was and its formula was only furthered with titles like Adventures of Bayou Billy, River City Ransom, Crime Fighters, either TMNT Arcade, the 6-player X-Men Arcade, Final Fight and Streets of Rage which, although kinda dumbed down from repetitious sequels and every spinoff imaginable, still has a personal charm that hasn't been replicated. They even had a Sailor Moon arcade beat-'em-up which made it home on the Mega Drive/Super Famicom and were extremely fun to play (very stylish, with addictive music).
I have played through every Double Dragon on NES and the SNES version. So when I set out to play it on Sega Genesis I was expecting more of the same. And indeed it is. Anybody who has played any number of beat-'em-ups knows the name of the game. Walk around, beat up thugs, avoid holes and harmful objects, pick up weapons and use them, etc. It's all the same as ever.
This Double Dragon has the best start of any yet. Remember the beginning to part 1, when the thugs sock your girl in the gut and take her hostage? Well this time, right at the very beginning the first thing they do is blow your girl away with a machine gun and walk away casually, like nothing even happened!!!
Needless to say, you're PO'ed. The game starts on top of a building, and what follows is the usual 'beat X number of enemies before the screen advances a little, repeat' stuff you all know. Except this time, you have more weapons at your disposal, including axes, chain whips, big wooden crates and huge steel balls(!) The graphics are kinda plain with nothing that stands out. The characters are pretty small, and there's slowdown in parts. Enemies are fun to battle with for a while but it gets repetitious. The bosses are alright, though the second boss is one of the stupidest I've yet seen in a fighting game. I actually wanted to mess him up all the more because of how pathetic he looked (I guess Tradewest knows a little about psychology). And funny enough, after you beat bosses they appear in further levels as enemies, often in groups of 2, and sometimes even with another enemy with them! This doesn't make too much of a difference; they can all be taken out rather easily with repetitive jump kicks and spin kicks, etc.
Like the first one, there's 4 levels (missions) that include (in order) the rooftops, a factory, a farm area (!?) and the enemy headquarters. They all look plain, except a few nice touches here and there in the final level.
The music is just sorta there with the usual sounds you'd expect out of a title of this stature. Nothing special.
Overall, it's not really a BAD game. But what's the point in playing this one when you've got so many better beat-'em-ups out there?

FYI ~ This is not the same Double Dragon II that was released for NES. The NES version is entirely different and gets a 4 for being a slightly better game overall, but it's nothing special. Besides, you gotta respect a game with stage names like "Forest of Death" and "Mansion of Terror"

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