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You knew I had to bring this series up sooner or later...

Splatterhouse 2 - Sega Genesis - Rating 6
Before Resident Evil was ever conceived (or Alone in the Dark for that matter) there was a series starring a protagonist named Rick wearing a Jason mask (the 'Terror Mask'), who fought with his fists, scissors, a 2X4, shotguns and chainsaws against the undead, paranormal, and everything in-between to rescue his girl, Jennifer. That game is Splatterhouse by Namco and was successful enough that it got two sequels.
The series began in 1988 and was the first to include a Parental Advisory Disclaimer. The one I've chosen to review, part 2, is probably the best of the bunch.
Let me tell you, this game is a gore-fest. No matter how you kill your enemies (usually Screaming Mimis), from punching to chainsawing, it almost certainly is going to be an gory sight. Your character Rick is one slow-walking character, like he limbers forward moreso than he walks. You have 3 hearts for your health with a maximum allocation of 5 and that is what seemingly makes it all the more challenging -- low health combined with slow movement mean you have to be very careful. Much of the level designs revolve around tricky jumping, memorizing where enemies are gonna come from and when (trial and error) and traps like holes in the ground that lead to an underground dungeon-area. Fortunately you have unlimited continues and can write down a password for whatever stage you die on.
The bosses are awesome and include things like a massive squid, a group of fetuses hanging from a ceiling (while scissors and a chainsaw chase after you ) and a huge blue head that appears in the dark. Some of them are tough and require you to get it down to the point of being cynical about everything that is going to occur. The last boss in particular is such a pain, and if you have to continue from dying to him, it's back to the damn elevator...
The music is very fitting of the game and helps bring the atmosphere alive all the more, though I wouldn't consider sitting there listening to it for enjoyment. The sounds are very impressive for the Genesis (especially those Mimis) with every splash and squirt fully represented. My only gripe is that the shotgun and chainsaw sounds are a bit weak.
All in all, yet another enjoyable classic series that should keep you interested to the end. It's just a little aggravating in parts.
Just in case you want it, here's the end-level password~
Until next time...

(Special thanks to Western Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage for the info about the parental advisory disclaimer and the Screaming Mimi's name. Be sure to check out their web page at ~ for lots of cool info regarding Splatterhouse series)

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