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Time for another review

Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Sega Genesis - Rating 7
I considered myself pretty good at games by the time I bought the 5-MEG arcade conversion of Ghouls 'N Ghosts. I had beaten some notoriously difficult games previously: TMNT, Blaster Master, Ninja Gaiden, Faxanadu, Life Force... but back then, you just never knew what to expect.
That night was one of those nights.
I had never before, and probably never again thereafter, been wasted so many times within the first few stages than with G&G (save for perhaps the original). And what a lesson in gaming I got. My first night I remember perfectly - it was a school night, and I had stayed up until about 1:30am in the morning trying to beat the third boss (the eye in the floating cloud) over and over again but to no avail.
Eventually I finished the game, only to find myself back at the starting point and now had to do the entire thing again, this time even harder than before before I could fight the last boss. Sir Arthur must save Princess Guinevere from the evil devil Loki because he's 'taken hostage' hers and all the souls of the people in the kindgom.
The graphics are fine and still look alright even today. There's tons of enemies scattered all over, and in the first level when you reach the tree with the huge vultures and you start killing them one of the most impressive graphic displays from those early Genesis days takes place as tons of feathers come floating downward (with slowdown, but who cares?). Back then it felt almost like having an arcade at home. The rest of the stages are nice, especially stage 4 with all the crystals everywhere, and though the beginning of 2 is plain it lends itself well to this game's premises.
I must mention the bosses. These were (and still are) some of the coolest-designed bosses I've seen. And remember, this was before Castlevania IV, Devil May Cry, Axelay, etc. These things were HUGE and, in some circumstances, quite annoying to do battle with. Take the giant hornet boss in the castle. Sure, it wasn't all that hard, but try and say that if Arthur's weapon is the short-ranged sword. I had to reset the entire game all because of that foolish mistake! Fighting against two Lucifers at once in the last castle (the final boss from part 1), the huge larva at the end of the crystal caves taking up more than 2 screens(!), the fire beast at the end of the burning village, and even the first boss... all were impressive to do battle with. And Loki himself takes up the entire screen... unprecedented for the time. Controls are simple: jump, attack (up, down, left, and right), charge your weapon once you get the magic armor and unleash magic attacks (or defenses, depending on the weapon).
The music is pretty good and matches the game perfectly. I particularly like the ending theme. The sound effects are the usual Genesis blangs, blips and bleeps but are well done nonetheless.
Nowadays I can rush through the game both times through without much difficulty. This game helped me become a better gamer. It remains a quintissential action game for any system and is a worthy addition to any gamer's library. Sega did a wonderful job porting this classic Capcom arcade to Genesis.

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