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I don't want to leave out TurboDuo so...

Lords of Thunder - TurboDuo - Rating 8
When this game first came out the one thing everybody talked about was its metal, almost Yngwie Malmsteen-like guitar-driven soundtrack. And man, THAT moreso than anything else was what made this shooter an experience like no other before.
Hudson Soft is to be praised for their stellar follow-up to Gates of Thunder. This is what shooting games are all about. It plays great, it looks great, it sounds great and it just rocks. I've never seen a shooting game designed quite like this. The controls are effortless and they'd better be since this game takes no prisoners (on the super difficulty setting in particular). Though you can get it down on normal and probably hard without having to continue, I DOUBT you'll do the same on super. No matter what you do (even if you do the trick for 10,000 in money) you're still gonna get whipped. But at least on any difficulty you choose you get the full ending anyhow.
The game starts off by allowing you to select your stage via the world map. From there you will select what armor you want for that particular stage. Pick carefully because some armors are worse in some areas than others (and each one determines what kind of attack you'll do). Then you have to enter the shop where you can buy health, weapon power-ups, shields and continues, and then get into the heat of action.
All great shooters are known for their variety in enemies and bosses. Lords of Thunder has some very cool enemies and some of the best bosses ever for a 2D shooter. And it's not just the enemies that are attacking you. Massive spiked-balls swaying from the ceilings, walls closing in around you, fire swooping up from pools of lava, etc. and all the while enemies are trying their best to bring you down. Sound difficult? It is, but on easy or normal difficulty it shouldn't be that big of a problem since you have an energy meter and you can even buy an extra life so that if you're energy runs out it automatically refills completely. However, you only have one life. If you die you have to use up a continue, and they're sparse. Think Forgotten Worlds and you should have a pretty good idea how this game works.
As I said before, the music is absolutely amazing and will probably make you want to listen to the soundtrack when you're not playing the game. It really fits the game's look and makes tense moments even more tense (put it on super just for the hell of it, start the game, and crank up the volume and tell me that's not an intense gaming experience ). T's Music is to be commended for their fine efforts.
Though there probably isn't a harder shooting game than Pulstar or Viewpoint, there aren't much that are quite as fun or as cool as Lords of Thunder. There really isn't anything the game does wrong. It's more fun to play than any 3D shooting game thus far (yes, including PDO and Starfox) and is proof that you can never underestimate 2D gaming. Now, if Hudson did a 3D game similar to this the right way they could probably have the best 3D shooter ever made.
FYI, you can also find LoT on Sega CD, but the colors have been reduced from 512 on-screen at once to 64. But from what I know it still plays the same so you're really not losing much.

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