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Castlevania IV was great, and boasted superb control, but it indeed was too easy, which crippled the experience, since a game of its pacing (which is shared by the non Metroid-flavored games of the series) demands a modicum of challenge to compensate for said pacing, which isn't exactly SMB-esque. As for the music, well-composed as it was, not only did I feel that the instruments were kind of ill-chosen, mostly lacked the intensity and overall feel of that in the other installments. While I dug the rotating room levels, CV4 seemed more like CV1 with a few added gimmicks, namely the multi-directional whip, which, along with the reduced playing field, was what stripped the game of any difficulty. I was a bigger fan of the multiple characters and branching levels/paths seen in CV3 and PCE Drac X, which added greatly to the playability, which was consequently lacking for me in CV4, given that about 11 levels are overkill for a linear entry in the series.

My rating for the game: 8.0
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