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Tecmo Super NBA Basketball - SNES - Rating 7
What sort of stuff do you pull out when you want to look back to a point in your life when you were younger and everything was so fresh and new? Do you check out some old albums with photographs of you and your loved ones? Or maybe you scrummage through an old box filled with relics from those periods of time? To most eyes, probably much of that stuff would be considered useless junk, but to you it's priceless, true?
That's what Tecmo NBA Basketball does for me -- it's like a snapshot taken from a time when I was so much younger and experienced some of the happiest days of my life. And while I'll never be able to have those happy times back, at least I have ways of reliving those feelings, even if artificially. That's because I attached specific memories to this game, like many others and other things, and I can recall those exact moments in my life through relics such as these....
As it stands you can go out and buy a plethora of basketball games for any new console. But I'm willing to bet they cannot do for you what this particular game does for me.
Though it seems humble enough to the untrained eye, Tecmo's NBA title breathes with enthralling gameplay that's both instant and beautiful. It takes a full 30 seconds or so for me to get it all down again. From there I'm taking the Celtics down to Sacramento to teach the Spurs how to play solid d'. Nobody can stop me; Boston is a force to be reckoned with, particularly under my guidance. #33 himself, Larry Bird, returns from the past along with many other familiar names from the 1992 NBA rosters. You'll see Magic Johnson and James Worthy tending to the LA courts. Dennis Rodman and Isiah Thomas will game you all over the court in Detroit, and, if you're feeling up to the task, you can always bring the game to Michael Jordan and Co. in Chicago for some Tuesday night old-school action. You can select difficulty, period length, etc. etc. All of the player stats are represented and accounted for, and in Season Mode it keeps track of stats and league leaders.
The gameplay is simple, non-stop fun. Blocking, shoving, shooting, passing, switching plays on the fly.... it's all right here. You can post high/low, pick & roll, give & go, etc. Tecmo was seriously trying to syphon the sports crown unto themselves, and by the time that this game was originally released on both SNES and Genesis (1993) it truly was the king of b-ball titles. After all, many felt that Tecmo Super Bowl was the king of football games (and still do feel that way), so why not take basketball as well? They managed to get the job done on the NES after all....
Graphically, expect very good graphics out of your SNES. The players look and animate wonderfully, and, in Tecmo tradition, there are nice little cut scenes when certain things occur, such as when you shoot a perfect 3-pointer or when you get a particularly nice slam dunk. The court looks great, only I wish that the crowd and coaches animated, but no matter.
The soundtrack is pretty good and gives an accurate presentation of the kind of fanfare one would expect to hear from a such a game venue, except now there's the ability to turn on/off music during the actual game. While the tunes are fitting I prefer to hear the b-ball game itself without a soundtrack - the way it was intended. You get all the squeaking and dribbling, as well as some ref voices -- "Foul. Pushing."; that sort of thing.
Tecmo Super NBA Basketball is one of the highlights of the 16-bit sports generation and is evidence that, yes, old sports games are still just as fun to play as any of the newer stuff, even if lacking many of the finer details of the latter. And besides, how many other basketball games allow you to play as Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Reggie Lewis, etc.? Yup, It looks like the Celtics will be taking home another Championship.

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