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Lunar Legend~GBA-RPG

I cannot say no for a request.
People, I am reviewing the GBA version the one that actually released in my country and about time. I did not play the Mega CD or PS1 version, because I don't own the game, so this review is past on the GBA version and the only one that I played. As far as I know, the GBA version has different and bigger sprites and less impressive graphics then the PS1 version. Well, that's the only think that I could know about it, because pictures is all what I have.
Sam, you made me regret that I ever rejected your difference video. Now how can I see this video if I don't have the chance to even tell you that? If you are reading this Sam. can you please show me that video of yours, because I beat the game now, so I am allowed to see it, now.
I cannot wait to try the PS1 version and play this game again, my cousin in downloading it now. Yes, you heard right Games Arts, if you have any problems with this then sell the game to me and I am welling to pay full price for it, if you still refuse like what you are doing now then you get the blame and you are the once that are doing illegal acts and if I have the time like Jack Thompson I will sue you, Game Arts.

The story isn?t much, but the events are what important and what makes you want to keep playing the game to see what will happen next. All of the characters have pretty good personality, which makes reading the text something enjoyable. Well, to be honest I thought the final boss and the end would be different and what I expected was a lot better then that, in fact I think they could have made a great ending, but they blow it. The game is not stupidly only about the hero and forgot about the others, it actually cares about every one of the characters.
Overall, the story is actually very good, because of the characters and the events and how they did not only focus on the hero, hack, the hero rarely speaks.

The game music is simply made by a genius. Well, some few of them are very short and stupid, but then again they are very few and just for some very short events like when an enemy shows before battling him and such. All the others either ends up being good or at lest listenable. All the music are made by using the ocarina as a main installment. I love Ocarina and flutes and such, they are actually my favorite kind of installments. The battle music is good, which is something that a lot of RPG developer should care about, because you will be battling most of the time, so good music is needed badly in battles.
To make it even better, this game can also be used as a portable Lunar soundtrack as well!
I for one liked music number 0, 1, 5*, 6*, 7, 8, 10, 13, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25**, 29*, 32, 33*, 36**, 37, 39, 42*, 52*, 58, 59*, 60, 64, 65. The music work great in the game and make the events more touching. Hack with out these musics the game would have been lifeless.
I am not sure, but I think both musics number 5 and 6 are intro songs on the Mega CD and or PS1 version, because they would work pretty well on a song and they sound more of an anime intro then a game music.
Unfortunately, I cannot say the same to the sound effects; they just simply did not work on it like the music. A lot of attacks have the same sound. The events could have been better if there were some actually sound effects in them. There is only about 30 sound effects more then the total music in the game! Kirby Adventure has had hundred of sound effects, which is just a platform and for an old console. Oh well, at lest the sound effects aren?t in a low quality.

The sprites are big and have a lot of details even better then the PS1 version, but that?s the only thing that they done right on the graphics. They removed some details from the battle background on the GBA version for no good reason. The background looks pretty much decent in NDS, but not that great in a Gameboy Player. The environments in the GBA version are more colorful and cheerful, but I still perform the PS1 version. The PS1 in my opinion has better effects and better colors and even better look then the GBA version.
Well, I cannot compare the animations, but as far as the GBA version goes, it is decent at best. Not only they did not make some animations in the events to make it more emotional, but the battle anime is very bad. When a character attacks for an example, he only have 3 to 4 movements, which makes them look kind of weird. The magic effects aren?t impressive as well; GBA can do a lot better then that. What killing me is that there are only very few magic spells, it wouldn?t take them that much time to make them from the beginning.

In this game, talking to people is useless. It is just like walking in a straight line, you mostly end up knowing what to do, so you wouldn?t get stuck from time to time like some other RPG. To go from an area to the other, just go to the world map and choose the area that you want to go in then you are there, so there is no random battles when you want to go from a town to the other, only if there is something blocking the way like forest for an example, but if you went there once, you can go back anytime you want using the Dragon Wings.
Off course there are caves, towers and such in the game, which you have to finish it.
I for one never needed to level up in the game, because the developer made all the Dungeness/towers in a perfect size, so when I reach the boss in the Dungeness/towers I end up being in the right level for it. The stages (Dungeness/towers) are a little pit in the small size, but I like that, because I don?t want to play a stage that I will encounter dozens of random battles in it until I get board of the game like the finale stage. At lest that can be considered leveling up I guess. Keep in mind that when I play, I try to open every signal chest in the stage and I search every signal inch of it, I just don?t feel good if I didn?t do that.
Some of the stages need you to play them in some kind of conditions, like no weapons, which force you to use magic against enemies or play only with three characters (You actually can play in total of 5 characters in battles) and such fun things.

You can use formation to put a character in the position you want him/her to be in, but it is very limited. There are only five areas (2 up and 2 down and one in the middle) I think it is kind of useless, because I rarely see an enemy that uses one rank or column attacks or magic. As right now, I only remember one enemy that uses one rank attack and one enemy that uses one column attack (They are attacks/magic that hit some characters passed on his/her area. You can also use these kinds of spells to hit multiple enemies at once)
We all know the basic of any RPG and it is to fight randomly encounter enemies by taking turns, kill them to get experience points and money. When you get enough experience points, your characters will level up (maximum level is 100) when you level up, your state become higher. There are HP, MP and ATC, DEF, AGL, MEN, RES the higher they are the stronger your characters will be, some make you start first and some make your attacks more effective on enemies etc. There is also NOA, which increase only one point after a lot of leveling up, the higher the number the more normal attacks your character will do in his/her turn. Two of the characters spend a little time when attacking and it dose get annoying, because they will do that 4 or 5 times in each turn and that dose make the battle longer. Finally there is LUC (Luck) the higher the more likely the enemy will miss his/her attacks. Keep in mind that the LUC state can only increase by using some kind of equipment items.

You can go to shops to buy items or find items in chest on stages. Some are used for healing and some and mostly are equipments items, which you can let any of your characters equip it to higher his/ her state and or give him a new skill like healing a little HP automatically after each turn. You can use Magic. Magic can do a lot of things like healing or attacking etc But you need MP to use them and when it reach zero, you can no longer use any magic skills unless you used an item or went to the magical state that heals everything and for every characters.
Hear this, in the GBA version, if you saved then turned off the GBA then turn it on again, your entire HP and MP will be full, which is a very bad thing and ruin the game and make it stupidly easy. Thankfully, I only knew that when I was in the end of the game. As far as I remember, I only used that twice and I completely forgot about it, but really I did not need to use it, the game is already easy. The reason that I forgot about it was, because I am having a hard time believing that the developer actually did this. I think it is a bug or only found on the GBA version.
Finally, there are Auto and Tact commands in the battle. Auto will let every character automatically attacks enemies randomly. Tact command in the other hand, you can choose commands like attack or use magic or use item or guard to each character before battle, then when you enter a battle, choose this command and all the characters will automatically do what you told them in every turn, you will need to press B to cancel it after choosing that command, so that you can manually choose a command to the character if you want. These two commands are used to make the battle faster. I for on, usually use Auto on most enemies and I never used Tact in the game.

Here when the problem comes. All the enemies are very weak and mostly end up with only one attack and it is just a physical attack. I rarely see an enemy that actually can do some different attacks then hit one of the playable characters.
The boss mostly ends up having only two moves. One, only hit one party member the other hit all party member, so much for originality. This is not all. Ever character has only very few spells and the fact that you will mostly end up fighting one boss and that changing states spells don?t effect them, makes the game even more limited. In that way all five characters will only have about 13 useable spells and most of these 13 are restoring HP spells, because for an example some needs more MP, but it dose restore HP fully.

For an RPG, this game ends fast, but with great music and with great characters (Great in every way) and with no wasting time with millions of random battles (Don?t get me wrong, I always love leveling up, but I do hate it if they overdo it like Disgaia for an example)
You cannot stop playing this game until you beat it. Even thought I beat it, I still want to play the PS1 version and go through the game all over again.
In the GBA version, you can collect and trade cards with your cousins. There is a card for each enemy and boss. You can get an enemy card by luck, thought. Because you will need to battle him until he/she drop it, but you will get boss cards just after beating him/her. There are also characters cards, which can be bought in a shop somewhere in the game.
There is also Gallery mode. GBA cannot do these cut scene, so it replace it with .................Pictures!

Gameplay (6/10)
Graphics (6/10)
Sound (8/10)

Length (7/10)
Lunar Legend (27/40)

I think the genius who made the music called Noriyuki Iwadare. If I am mistaken, then please PM Icarus and blame him, because I get that from him.

PS. The original or PS1 version may get more, but Legend is nothing more then a downgrade version.

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