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Originally Posted by IoriYagami n8 View Post
I want something I can play with friends preferably. Fable II will likely be one thing,
If you gonna pick up Fable 2 to play with friends, I think that won't be the game, the online co-op play from what I understand is so dire, it's like a hybrid co-op play thing. It's so weird I don't even understand it, or I just read the description wrong.

but outside of that there isn't much else that my friends have that I don't. Feel free to drop some advice.
Check some arcade games on xbox live if you peeps don't have them. Games like arcade puzzles or so, lots of them have online co-op play. Maybe Castle Crasher? Soon Street Fighter 4.


Gears 2 was my last game, if I had time I would have bought either space giraffe or poker smash on xbox live.
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