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Pikmin 2 Commercial

Ok... I just gotta say, NoA is so frickin' wrong for the Pikmin 2 commerical. Been watching G4TechTV all day because... well at least they have a news ticker threw some of the suck programs but I got my first look at the Pikmin 2 commerical.

Basicly, it's a bunch of "Little People" dressed as the different color Pikmin, running around saying hotdog over and over, finally they take a hotdog from a vender, take it back to this guy and he looks at the one holding the hot dog and says, I said with mustard, and the guy sitting next to him, not looking up from what he's reading says, Make that two...

I just gotta say, you have to see it, and BRILLIANT, because thats the first Nintendo game commerical (that I've seen) thats sticking with me. Kudos Nintendo.

Anybody seen it and have a take on it?
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