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I'm not sure on the specifics of Spy Hunter, but I think that was Midway made... on the Midway Arcade Treasures 1 disc there's some interviews, if I remember to I'll watch them again. Sunsoft's involvement with Spy Hunter is only that they had NES distribution rights to the game.
Smash TV and Total Carnage were definitely made by Midway staff.
Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
That Shockwave version requires some other plug-in that I do not have nor care to get. I do have the MAME version, though. And it was made by Williams, not Midway, so my comment still stands that Midway is an extremely crappy company by all accounts and has never, ever made a good game, nor will they ever because they only hire losers and make crappy games. Their headquarters should be set on fire and all of their employees and families and friends and even acquaintences should all die. OK maybe that last statement was a little overboard... the acquaintences can live.
None of this tells me why you think Robotron 2084 is a bad game.

So, for the third time, what makes Robotron 2084 a bad game.

Comparing it to any other game doesn't justify your case.
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