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I saw someone with a Demon Hunter with 300k dps. wth am I gonna get that? I got to Act II inferno and cannot do much atm with fast mobs. My Wizard has around 22k, though I know I could throw more in my gear in terms of my 200 resistance, but seriously I upgraded and still got one shotted. I'm glad my damage is high, but seriously 300k? I also do great on sales, except they've lowered the loot you can get, possible 20-40k gets you better gear. But at one moment I could get stuff real cheap.

Honestly; I'm trying to build my barb for inferno. I got him to Nightmare so far.

Spider, yeah the 2 mill gold and gold buy outs are crazy. No sense in spending that much. However I haven't done any better for spending 40k on a few stats. They're hard to stack if you dont want to give up. But I'm thinking I'll have to cut my dps by at least 6 or 7k to get anywhere in act 2.

Not to draw anyone away from Inferno, its still a lot of fun. But my wizard has a world of hurt in act 2.
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