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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
apparently don't use the auction houses, there is a bug that is letting hackers hacked your account if it doesn't use a authenticator.

Only rumors for now since blizzard hasn't said how the hackers are getting into their accounts. It could just be keyloggers or something.

Some are speculating that is the real reason why the real auction house got delayed and not cause of achievement bullshit they first said as why.
I spent a bit of time looking into this due to trying to figure out what my issue with the graphical stuttering that appeared after Friday's "update". From what I can see(read) it matters not if you have an authenticator, as plenty of people with it got hacked. I don't personally know anyone who has had this problem, but everyone I know does not play any public games. There is some speculation that the public games give a roundabout access. Bottom line, for all Blizzards hopes of making the game secure via online only, its about as secure as Diablo1's bnet that was completely hacked in the first 2 days.

Anyone else have the stuttering or hacked issues to go along with our single player lag?
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