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I'd say the RahXephon movie is worth it simply if you want to see more development of Haruka/Ayato's relationship. That's really the only aspect explored with some brief asides here and there. The biggest thing is that they show Haruka and Ayato as they were in Tokyo. The movie presents an alternate ending to the series which I don't think is as good as the ending to the actual series as well as adds a few elements of its own that I didn't really like. They pretty much redo the series in places. That last scene with Haruka and Ayato (when the credits are done rolling) was just too good. And while I had spotted it coming 20 episodes away, it did give some insight into the painting that Ayato is always drawing. Comparatively speaking, the ending to the RahXephon movie doesn't really give us anything to ponder and it feels too cliche.

Originally Posted by gabriel
Anime is one of those things that's pretty cool, but has such a dreadful fan-base, that I can't really get into it/take it seriously.

The only series I've seen are Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop, both of which were incredible (especially the ending of Bebop). I've also seen, and enjoyed, the first dozen or so episodes of Naruto.

Is there anything out there that matches the calibre of Trigun/Cowboy Bebop?
Offhand, I'd say Berserk and RahXephon. If you don't mind a 13 episode series, Generator Gawl is pretty good too.
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