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Anyone who says the demo is 'shitty', is a fat gothtard.. oh wait!

So yeah I've been playing the demo and it's very short, the first 2 missions are from the Hiarachey(sp?) factions and with very restricted unit useable (but you can mod it to open up the other units) You can't use the tech tree either. You also get a tutorial thats been put togeather just for the demo which is pretty simple for explaining RTS to noobs...

That said, the Demo is fun! Even though it's just the first 2 missions and they arent that hard to do the game has awesome story telling and you can really see the potential for some awesome gameplay multiplayer wise expecially. If you go into the tutorial you can click on the Tech Tree button and although they arent useable you can hover over them and ready what they do and it sounds awesome.

I was also really impressed at how well it runs on my computer at max graphics... with only a little slow down at times yet still looked REALLY nice.

Another thing that looks really nice is the CGI cutscenes, they are Blizzards level for sure... VERY NICE the opening cutscene is awesome SIFI mix of old War of the Worlds vs new Gundam/I-robot type stuff... its cool.

I'm getting it for sure! Heres some pics I took:

My plazma gun turret shots the skin right off human soldiers!

One brave 'lost one' takes on a tank

My Aliens, watching... waiting... They can taste your fear!

Human jeep flees!

A giant walker standing at the bottom of a Pyramid

Ahh the mother ship!!

Another one of the transport ship flying next to some Pyramids

Enemy bots about to find out what a beem cannon tastes like.

Humans see the might of my army and run.

An enemy tank, love the robot driver, great detail!

Orlok about to fire his cannon

Enemy robots with blade arms trying to cut me like some kind of emo.

I hit them right in the bot maker!

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