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Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
yeah but since rpgs are about the largly about the story not sure how anyone can properly review it let alone give it 10/10 with out fully understanding it .. i mean how generic is it compared to other jrpgs etc .. something you won;t actually know until you read/hear it imo .. for me its a bit like a blind guy reviewing the 3d in avatar

wtf ?? why on earth not? its an rpg .. lol ..

The roles the characters have combined with effort and emotion of every cutscene tend to give a large part of the story away. I'd say older rpgs need the influence of an interpretor, but in FFXIII's case. I believe the story has such a linear path that it never stops to get complicated(love themes, or a story you can't easily understand). Outside the character build, which I am the most uneducated about. I feel that I am aware of the events, but am unaware of the actual scope of the game's story.

There really isn't a connection to the people, unless its blurbs and comments. I feel the communication aspect is put more towards the cast rather then the world.
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