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Maglam Lord opening movie, gameplay is like the early 2D Tales games

The battle reminds me of the early 2D Tales games like Tales of Destiny or Tales of Eternia, or even Star Ocean 1 & 2, which is a good thing, I wish Bandai Namco can make another 2D Tales game.

Gameplay video from TGS2020: start 23:17 minute

Maglam Lord opening movie

Due out on March 18, 2021 in Japan.

D3 Publisher and developer Felistella have released the opening movie for action RPG Maglam Lord, which feature the theme song “Boundary” written and composed by Chiaki Fujita (Sing Like Talking) and sung by Kamoshi.

Maglam Lord is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch on March 18, 2021 in Japan.
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