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Super Castlevania IV
Super Nintendo

This game was made back when Nintendo was still
extremely evil, much more so than EA is today.

The name of this game is f*cking stupid. Super Castlevania IV? Why "super"? Is there another "non-super" or "mediocre" version of Castlevania IV that we don't know about? Is it because it is on the Super Nintendo and it was the fad at the time to call every game "Super"? If that is the case, then why the "IV"? Retarded. It should either be called Super Castlevania or Castlevania IV, not both. I opt for the latter. Anyway when the Japanese version of this game came out awhile before the US version, a friend of mine and I rented it to see what it was all about. It didn't take long to see that this would be the best game ever made for the just-released-to-the-US Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And I was correct. There was never a game on the SNES that was better than this. All of you Chrono Trigger and Yoshi's Island fans can bite me. This is better. I couldn't believe how much quality the game possessed. It surpassed many Neo Geo games (which was not yet being falsely advertised as a 24-bit system at the time) and this was only an 8-meg cart! I was blown away.

This stage makes me need to take a leak.

Graphics: 8/10
This is a fantastic SNES visual package for the most part. True, the first level's drab orange colors look extremely bad and unfitting for a Castlevania game, some enemies look poorly drawn even and Simon himself looks like a mess of cluttered, ugly pixels. But other areas help make sure that this game stands out. You get up to 3 layers of independently scrolling backgrounds, lots of detail, really nice color, and some scaling and rotation as well as some "Mode 7" effects which curve the background wall behind you. Some of the graphical effects can bring the game to a crawl, but that doesn't happen often. I do like the giant stone boss who shrinks every time you hit it, as well as some of the really cool transparency effects on some of the enemies.

This is one of the biggest rooms inside the entire castle!

Sound: 9/10
By far the most outstanding feature of this game is the great soundtrack. It can be very upbeat and very somber. A fake orchestra is used to convey most of the music, as well as a bunch of cool synthesizer sound effects. The music isn't as unique or outstanding as the soundtrack for, say, Symphony of the Night, but it really goes well with the game and stood high above all other videogames at the time it was released. The sound effects themselves are fantastic as well, with great stereo effects. I really like it when you are hanging in the rotating room and the platform block start appearing one by one. The sound that accompanies is really cool, along with the creaky sound of the room slowly rotating. The sound when the red skeleton's fall apart sound like someone quickly falling down a set of stairs after they were pushed. Awesome!

It was nice of this semi-opaque skull to place
platforms for you to stand on while you kill him.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is extremely easy and short. In fact it is, by far, the easiest Castlevania ever. I don't understand why they even bothered with the password feature. But it is still great fun to play. Games don't have to be hard to be enjoyable. Although the beloved "Iga" had nothing to do with this game, it still plays and especially controls very well. The gameplay is mostly memorization as opposed to actual skill. Sometimes the boss fights are nowhere even near the end of the level. That's right, it breaks the mold. I have read on the internet that this game is supposed to be a remake of sorts of the first Castlevania game. I don't really see it, though this game does star Simon Belmont and Dracula only ever rises once a century. But like I said I read it on the internet so it must be true. You've got your typical jumping around and collecting items just like the previous Castlevania games, though when you collect an item here the one that you already have goes away and you don't get a chance to switch back like the newer Castlevanias. That's where some proper memorization helps... you don't want to end up with the wrong weapon! This game is tons of fun to go through again and again.

The SNES does not enjoy processing this scene
as much as we enjoy looking at it.

Wrap up:
This is the 3rd best Castlevania game in existence (behind Symphony of the Night and Rhonda's Blood). Yes, that means that I think a Turbografx game is better than every SNES game ever made.
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