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Originally Posted by AtariX
Ever play San Fransisco Rush 2049 for the Dreamcast? That game rocks and goes for a decent amount on ebay. It was Atari Games first game for Midway, but Midway changed all the secret gold coins and replaced the ultra cool Atari "Fuji" /|\ logo with the Midway logo....ugh.
Yeah, that game is still one of my fav racing games of all times, right behind Daytona USA. I wasn't aware Atari Games made that one but regardless of who did make it. It, indeed rocked

Originally Posted by Vicviper
Didn't Midway make Smash TV? That was a good game.
They might have, or at least maybe published it because I believe that Total Carnage sorta spawned from STV but I don't think, although I may be wrong, Midway started "developing" games until the 90's. Who truly developed "Spy Hunter"? I've always wondered since it was a all-time favorite of mine but I've seen several names on it over the years... Sega, Bally, Midway, Sunsoft, etc. Any of you know? If Midway made that game then theres another to add to my "Midway good games list"
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