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There is nothing Nintendo could have done to make the Virtual Boy a success. Even if it had 100% stellar games people still wouldn't have bought it because it was just so damed awkward. It was Gunpei's idea. He made Nintendo look bad. They took him out of his lavish office and placed him in a small area to work on insignificant things until he quit. But he was still not out of the picture.

Originally Posted by Vert1
Shigeru Miyamoto and Hiroshi Yamauchi have nothing but respect for this man.
The Shiggster is the one who ran down Gunpei on the road! Shiggy still has that same car, and he never even bothered to clean Gunpei's splattered intestines off of the front grill. He left it all on as a warning to other Nintendo employees to not think up bad ideas. Sega just has a copy of the SMS Strider hanging on a wall, with a comment that reads "Bad employees will be forced to make the sequel to this game".
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