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What he achieved while with Nintendo and when he invented it: Ultra Hand (1966), Ultra Machine (1968), Love Tester (1969), Light Ray Gun SP Series (1970), Erekonga (1970), NB Block Crater (1970), Ultra Scope (1971), Light Ray Telephone LT (1971), Lefty RX (1972), Time Shock (1972), Laser Kure Clay Shooting System (1973), Wild Gunman (1974), Shooting Trainer (1974), Light Ray Gun Custom Series (1976), Duck Hunt (1977), The Chilean Tree (1979), Game & Watch Series (1980), Donkey Kong [arcade] -producer- (1981), Game & Watch Wide Screen (1981), Game & Watch Multiple Screen (1982), Computer Mah-jong (1982), Famicom Controller (1983), Donkey Kong Jr. -producer- (1983), Game & Watch Color Screen (1984), Mario Bros. -producer- (1984), ROB Robot (1985), Metroid -producer- (1985), Kid Icarus -producer- (1985), Game Boy (1989), Metroid 2 -producer- (1990), Dr. Mario (1990), Super Scope (1992), Super Metroid -producer- (1993), Virtual Boy (1995), Tetris Attack (1995), Game Boy Pocket (1996). Not to forget he also worked with his(people he trained) R&D1 (Research and Development) team on the Famicom (NES) and Super Famicom (SNES)! PS: There are just too too many game&watch-like and other game gadgets he invented to be able to mention all, I mean this man invented gadgets from a robotic vacuum cleaner (1978) to a dancing robot (1985)!!
Virtua Boy was Nintendo's failure to advertise it's unique experience not Gunpei's. He only left the company because he wanted to do his own thing and Nintendo was just the start. Shigeru Miyamoto and Hiroshi Yamauchi have nothing but respect for this man.

Howard Lincoln quote about Mr. Yokoi: "He had a great sense of humor, a great smile... a very generous and outgoing fellow. He made a tremendous amount of creative contributions to Nintendo and the video game business over the years. People play Game Boy all over the world, and that's Mr. Yokoi's."
Anything you say after this is slander.

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