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Good reviews. A couple things....

"...and the boss of stage 2 is actually right at the beginning..."

Although it may seem to be so, that's not true. Those three Chinese chicks are the real boss (no mistake), though I guess it doesn't matter since there's about 12 bosses in the game anyway.

"That sounds like a very cruel punishment indeed, but it's better than how Nintendo MURDERED Gunpei Yokoi for his miserable Virtual Boy failure."

Hiroshi Yamauchi is one scary dude. I knew from the first moment I heard the news that he was murdered. No way was that an accident. He made Nintendo lose face. Therefore, he had to pay the ultimate price. It certainly makes you think when you play games like Pokemon and the like, doesn't it?

"Oh dear God! When did Strider start
looking like a middle-aged William Shatner?"

I always thought that Sega was going for more of that Bruce Willis 'Die Hard' look.
Turn on the difference.
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