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Nintendo Entertainment System

A constipated Strider fights a cowboy!

When Capcom brought out Strider to the NES, they decided not to even ATTEMPT to base it on the arcade. Instead they created a 2 megabit platformer where you must obtain skills and new stages and it also uses a password feature. The only things similar to the arcade are Strider Hyru himself, the way he swings his sword, and many of his moves. Other than that it plays almost more like a MegaMan game than a Strider game, and you can revisit stages once you've completed them and other such nonsense.

If you're lucky, Strider can jump to
the next platform after only 3 tries!

Graphics: 7/10
For the NES, these graphics were pretty good in many parts. Good color and detail, decent animation, etc. None of the stages even resemble any of the locals from the arcade, so there's really nothing to compare it to. But they are definitely better than the Sega Master System version of Strider. You have flicker, some slowdown and all of the stuff you'll find in a typical NES game, but some scenes like the forest look particularly nice and colorful.

You must go into a menu to perform moves.
That really ruins the momentum of the game.

Sound: 7/10
Mostly your typical NES sounds here, except that a few of the tunes are pretty good. Again, none of the tunes try to be like the arcade music, at least not that I was able to recognize. I did like the music that plays as you enter your password, and the intro music isn't too bad. Even the first area's music is catchy, but not quite up to the level of MegaMan 2 or anything. Sound effects are exactly what you'd expect from the NES, nothing more, nothing less. Overall pretty decent.

The last stage is very "angrifying" to say the least.
Strider's inaccurate jumps will be the death of you.

Gameplay: 5/10
Yeeouch! I definitely like arcade-style Strider much MUCH better! This game is basically a search and destroy style of platformer. You pick your country, teleport to it, and take everyone out and acquire new skills and items. Doesn't sound much like Strider, does it? What really chaps my ass are the controls. The game does not seem to appreciate it when you accidentally press diagonally and it makes you pay when you do, especially when you are trying to jump to a platform and avoid the many spikes below. Jumping can be extremely tedious and frustrating. And the triangle jump thingy which you must enable to bounce back and forth up walls is not exactly my idea of fun. Nor is the idea of constantly pressing SELECT to go into a menu to choose a move to help you get past a nook or cranny. It's not a horrible game, just about average or so. Still a much better experience than the Sega Master System version in every respect.

These dudes like to hang upside down when
they shoot you. Whatever floats their boat.

Wrap up:
The best 8-bit version of Strider available, even though it has nothing to do with Strider!
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