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Sega Master System

A crappy box to go along
with the mega-crappy game.

Sega just HAD to try and put Strider on the Sega Master System, even as it died and the Genesis was kicking ass in the videogame marketplace. Why, Sega, why? They decided that they didn't need to make it more than 1 megabit. I have to give it points for at least attempting to be like the arcade game, which the NES version does not.

Strider's sword swings,
but he doesn't move at all!

Graphics: 2/10
Yuck! Most backgrounds are extremely dark and filled with blackness. The designers barely even tried. The animation is poor, the characters fairly small, and really nothing pleasing at all. But again, it at least tries to somewhat resemble the artwork from the arcade game with a very small amount of memory. Still though, I think they could have done MUCH better with what they had to work with here. Better yet, increase the size of the game up to 4 megs and I think we would have had a fantastic 8-bit version.

My favorite scene gets raped!
Even the music is horrible!

Sound: 1/10
No voices (of course) and the same tune plays for every single stage, over and over. Some other familiar Strider tunes play briefly during the cut-scenes. And there aren't too many sound effects to speak of at all. We've all definitely heard better from the Master System's sound chip, even in other 1 meg games. Hell, I've probably heard better from Sega card games!

Cleaning up the massive pools of blood from my
bleeding eyeballs is more fun than playing this game.

Gameplay: 2/10
Ug! It pains me just to talk about this game! What a horrible conversion! The stages are kind of similar to the arcade, and the gameplay is also similar. But that's as good as it gets. The controls are very floaty and inaccurate, to say the least. You will be jumping through the air, moving forward as you do your flip and then just come to a dead stop and begin to slowly fall straight down. It's nearly impossible to be precise with your jumps. This game is difficult not by design, but simply due to the crappy controls and horribly reproduced levels. All in all it is rather painful to play through this game, and it should only be reserved as punishment for notorious criminals. In fact I think Sega forced certain programmers to make this game as punishment for past failures (like Fatal Labyrinth). That sounds like a very cruel punishment indeed, but it's better than how Nintendo MURDERED Gunpei Yokoi for his miserable Virtual Boy failure. They should have just made him program Sega Master System Strider with only 1 meg instead!

The super-choppy boss of stage 1.

Wrap up:
The worst console conversion of the arcade, but at least it's based on the arcade game!

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