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That Cyberpower PC is not too bad a solution if you get an i5 over the i3 and put in your own 560 into it. Though I think the case is gaudy. An 800W power supply is also overkill for a single GPU PC, and I also don't like that they don't tell you the brand of the PSU. I'd pay more to get a PSU you can verify is of quality, even at a lower wattage.

Depending on how good your wifi router is, getting that and putting it in a discreet location (so you don't hear the fans) and using PLEX and Roku streaming sticks on your TVs will allow you to watch your videos on it without the actual hard drive being close to the TV at all. That's pretty much what I'm testing right now before buying a new computer for my parents so they can watch movies and tv shows on demand. Just make sure the computer that hosts the content is connected via ethernet (and not wifi) to the router.

I've tried WDTV Live and Chromecast in addition to Roku and I've set on Roku Streaming Sticks.

Also, I'm not sure what containers you have your video files in, but they handle .mkvs like a charm.

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