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well I do want it for a computer that I can easily hook up anywhere. Not just in my house, but slam that sucker at my brother's house without worrying about configuring anything.

I was using my PS3 for the longest time for streaming, but it doesn't play every file I throw at it, causes errors and crashes the file sometimes.

I'm just looking for something that is the most like a computer it's more likely to run the things I want to run on it without going bonkers of why it's not working, like I'm doing now on my PC.

But, I will getting the chromebox for 160 dollars, it's on sale at this one electronics store downtown and I have a 50 dollar gift card that someone gave me for helping them with some crap cause I wouldn't take any money for helping, but they were very insisted in doing something in return. so I took it

Only main reason I'm thinking of getting one for that instead of a streaming device, cause I was looking at them too.
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