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Originally Posted by MarionetteKazuk View Post
Well it's giving me errors when installing it. I downloaded the iso from ms' site and when i mount it, the dialog screen shows up with several buttons to install each program that they have, but none of them click, so i have to go to the iso, right-click > explore and then go to the individual folders to run the set up for them, but at the end of the setup for the it game some error and since it was crack 30 in the morning i didn't bother to deal with it.

I've heard of Borland C++, just never gave it a try. and that may be actually good to get since u said it's compatible with windows and linux. But I'll look into those that you listed, thanks ^ _ ^
sounds like the iso might be fucked .. but borland is well worth a look as its industry strength aswell .. So is the Intel one, and the Intel one is also compatable with linux
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