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My major gripe with the movie is this (there are many) but this deus ex machina makes it impossible for me to not question why they just didn't resort to using this and solving all their problems in earlier films:

Who would have thought using lightspeed would do that much damage. Why not just do this from the very beginning of the film? Why not just send in space ships/cruisers on auto-pilot and lightspeed them into everything to do massive damage. Why not get those bomb carriers at the beginning of the film to lightspeed directly into the dreadnought? Scratch that, why didn't they just do that in the earlier films? Pop a droid in or develop some program to make them go auto pilot every single time an epic space battle happens and lightspeed them into enemy ships. Why even bother making the death star shoot lasers, just give it tons of fuel and make it lightspeed through 600 planets in one go. Why not get an x-wing to lightspeed into the death-stars one weakness instead of gambling on two laser torpedos.

*giant face-palm* that's just one criticism for this terrible movie. I don't fully hate it, because I can still appreciate its cinematography but god, at least with the Force Awakens I was looking forward to the next film.
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