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McDonald's Angus C.B.O. Burger

Wow starting off with reviewing a burger... from mcdoanlds? That's stupid and gross. I know, whatever. (I'll review games! I promise! lol)

Anyways, continuing...

Whether your Mc Donalds has it or not, and whether or not you care, there's a new Angus burger on their menu called the Angus CBO.

"A 1\3 lb.* of juicy, 100% Angus beef topped with creamy white Cheddar,** hickory-smoked bacon and caramelized grilled onions, all served on a soft, bakery-style bun."

This is the description of the burger on their own website. If you've had an Angus you should know what to expect from the meat and buns. Probably the bacon too if you've had one with bacon. Personally I think the Mc Donalds Angus burgers are great. So for the most part, if you have had a bacon Angus before you should know what you're getting into when you buy one of these, right? Not quite.

While its basically the same bacon, beef, and buns as other Angus burgers along with a handful of some great onions and what is sadly a small, sad excuse for cheese, it doesn't taste anything like the other burgers. In fact, you can hardly taste any of those ingredients at all. The mysterious sauce that covers the contents of this burger overpowers all the other flavors, and it is never once advertized. I have read about four different descriptions from Mc Donald's on this burger and not one of them even slightly mention the sauce put into this burger, yet its mostly all you can taste. It's sweet and tangy and they probably put a bit too much in it.

Why advertize and name the burger after Bacon, Onions, and Cheese, if all you can taste is this sauce? Did they want to surprise us? It's not a bad burger, but when you spend $4.39 on a Cheddar Bacon Onion burger and can't taste the cheddar, bacon, or onions, it's overall just a big disappointment. It's like taking a sip of one drink, thinking it was another totally different drink. It's just wrong.

There's apparently a chicken variant that sounds like it may taste better but being Mc Donald's most expensive burger, I'd rather not try at it again. Due to what's almost false advertizing and a taste-dominating sauce, I give the Angus CBO a 5/10.


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