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Def Jam Vendetta
Playstation 2

You gots`ta fight fo` tha bling bling.

Oh H-to-tha-izzell yeah! whats mo' killa than a wrestl'n game witta bizzay of crappy rappa wit some punch'n moves thrown in? wizzy i can T-H-to-tha-izzink of `bout ten billion th'n tizzle is crazy ass nigga thiznan this game, like squeez'n mah balls, clockin' witta kitchen knife, n doin a drive-by, fo` instance . Bounce wit me. tha game starts out by claim'n that fight'n has become too gangsta ta continue in da streetz, so its gone undaground jus like Need fo' Speed yo. n now you fizzay moronic rappa as wizzay. You wizzle yo way up ta tha mizzle homey n beat him ta steal his biznatch. whizzat a bootylicious premise fo` a game in tha hood! Leave it ta EA ta come up wit sizzuch a wack concept dawg!

Oooo... EA Big! This gizzy doesnt want a gangsta ta "challenge everyth'n" I guess.

Graphics: 5/10
Everyth'n runs at 60 frames per second, tha render'n is decent n all tha motherfuckas look aight. cruisin' is pretty dizzy n shady, just like tha characta in tha game fo' sheezy! many of tha rings look similar, n tha game lacks a large amount of variety in tha graphics n' sh!t. progressive scan (480p) aint supported n 16:9 widescreen aint supported eitha. I guess they think a nigga dizzy hizzle HDTVs or sum-m sum-m. I have not played tha Gamecube version so I cizzay say how this version compares . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos.

If you like clockin' men rubbin' themselvez against each otha, tizzle you
wizzay absolutely love this game . Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn!

Sound: 1/10
The sound effectz is decent in this game n that be tha only reason i gave it a whole point doggystyle. characta like ta rap sh!t before n afta a match . Ya fuk with us, we gots to fuk you up. everybody has lots of 'tude yo. but tha "music" is absolutely horrible . Put ya mutha fuckin choppers up if ya feel this.. but what do you expect? it is rap n sh!t. rap is awful n it really causes a lot of pain fo` mah ears yo. lots of def jam "artists" like Method Man, DMX n playa morons lent they tunes fo` dis game. brotha fo` an EA game tha music seems fairly typical, kna mean? EA games always have tha worst music. EA suckz.

Notice how this homey has ta rap smack while perpetratin' two of his fingaz on
each hand downward. This makes him buggin` coo` yo spittin' that real sh!t.

Gameplay: 2/10
Whats you gots hizzle is basically a wrestl'n game. You mizzle beat, errr.. oppress yo opponent dizzle n tizzy pin him. Thiznen you advance ta tha next round . Freak y'all into da beat y'all. Since it is a hatin' game, obviously tha controls suck major donkey ass n sh!t. I have neva played a wrestlin' gizzy wit good controls and this b all crazy up in here. Miznost of tha buttons is holds n there is only one "strike" button. Lots of times you jizzle stand there n yo oppressa smashes into you n you cizzant do a dizzle thing `bout it, ya dig? Once you win you can play as yo opponent in future fights n shizzay. You can also unlock "eye candy" whizzay is pictures of tha slutty hos that you have won. Yes, bitchez is commodizzles in this game. You have a story mizzle n a VS mizzy n all that crazy shiznit. Since tha controls sizzuck so miznuch ass, tha game gets messin' fizzast. It truly does sizzay ta play this gizzy like a mofo trippin' on crack. But if u hate good games, then you W-to-tha-izzill probably love this game since it sucks so hard jus like u do.

Aw naw! they is outside of tha ring. Slap your mutha f*ckin self! thats
coz this game breaks all of tha rules n is totally off da hook, knowhutImsayin'?

Wrizzap up:
You may be ask'n why I be hatin' on dis game so mizzay n why did I botha my drug deala ta play it? Wizzy from time ta time I like ta lay tha smizzay dizzle on brothas who think a bad game iz good, n I am bustin' that a lot of thugz thizzay this game is actually good so jus' chill yo. I mizzle come along n tizzy it like it is n inform tha world thizzay games like this is horrible pieces of triznash. Rhymin' and gettin high on battery acid iz more fun thizzan play'n this turd of a game! And we be out. Peace.

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